Emergency approval to 2 New vaccines| Vaccination of Childrens starts

The latest news is that the Indian Government starts Vaccination of Children from 3-12-2021 and booster dose from 10-12-2021 and Emergency approval to 2 New vaccines and 1 antiviral Drug.

As you know that our country is facing a covid 19 pandemic for 3 years. Covid 19 totally breaks our life. Meet each other as if the next person is a patient of covid 19.

But our country fought this pandemic. Government of India has taken extensive steps to fight the covid 19 pandemic. Government of India started the process of vaccination on a large scale.Health services provided to positive patients from COVID19.government continuouslyHas been understanding the countrymen to avoid Covid-19.

Covid-19 is mutating continuously and every time it becomes more dangerous and more infectious. But the INDIAN Government is continuously fighting against the covid-19 pandemic.
Approximately 100 caror above people are vaacinated in India. Vaccination develops antibody in human body, which protects you agains covid-19 pandemic.

Total omicron cases in india today:

Important update about OMICRON variant ( 29-12-2021)

As I have told you previously that On 30 November 2021 two people has come to India in Karnataka from South Africa which is corona positive. And they are infected with the Omicron variant. Both are male of which one is 66 years old and the other is 46 years old.

India Reported 9,195 new corona cases in the last 24 hours.

Total 22 states are affected in India from Omicron till 29-12-2021.

The good news is that the recovery cases percentage is 98 percent overall.

India reports 781 Overall Omicron cases till dated 29/12/2021.

Most Omicron cases in Delhi approx 238 cases.

Omicron cases in Maharashtra 167 cases.

Omicron cases in Gujrat 73 cases.

Omicron cases in Varela 65 cases.

Omicron cases in Telangana 62 cases.

How vaccination protects you from covid-19 :

In every human body, there is a natural antibody that protects us .in simple language when any foreign body ( virus, bacteria, etc.) Enters in the human body then our antibody fights against this foreign body and protects us. BUT If our antibody ( immune system ) becomes weak then we become infected.Same as is with the Covid-19 virus. It only infects those who have low immunity.

So when we take the coid19 vaccine then it develops an antibody against the covid-19 virus and when virus enters in body this antibody fight with the Covid-19 virus and protect us. But even if you get infected even after getting the vaccine, you will not reach the severe condition so vaccination is very important. 

Is mutation is dangerous :

When the covid-19 virus mutated it increases in spike protein numbers. An increase in spike protien numbers increases its eficasy to combine with human cells. Due to which virus becomes more infectious.

Emergency approval to 2 New vaccines

Omicron cases in india latest news:

When Vaccination of Childrens and booster dose will start :

The new variant of the corona is named B. strain OMICRON. Which is also more infectious. Cases are continuously increasing in India. Given the frequent mutation of Coronavirus, the Government of India has taken some new decisions. which are as follows:

  1. From 03 january 2022 the vaccination of children of 15 years to 18 years will start.

2. From 10 January 2022 the precaution dose ( booster dose of covid-19 vaccine ) will start to the frontline workers and health care workers.

3. From 10 January 2022 the precaution dose ( booster dose of covid-19 vaccine ) will also be given only to those senior citizens who have a serious illness.

Note: vaccination is only the way to to avoid covid 19 infection. so plz. get vaccinated everyone.

Emergency approval to 2 New vaccines and 1 antiviral Drug :

Because of the infection of Covid-19, the Health department of India has given emergency approval to 2 new vaccines and an antiviral drug on 28 January 2022.This information given by health minister Mansukh Mandviya.

The details of vaccine and drug are as follows : 



3..Molnupiravir(antiviral drug)

Global Omicron variant update ( 29-12-2021 )

In the last 24 hours, 2,47,863 new cases of the corona were found in America.

Death from the corona is approx.1,370 in America.

Frans: 179,807 new corona cases.

Death: 290 in Frans.

Briten : 129,471 new corona cases.

Death: 18 in Britain

Germany: 30,402 new corona cases.

Death: 448 in Germany.

Rushia : 21,922 new corona cases.

Death: 935 in Rushia.

What precaution should we taken to protect us from covid-19 :

  • Use mask.
  • hand sanitizer or wash your hand.
  • To prevent transmisibility of covid-19 virus keep distance.
  • Vaccination is very important for everyone . 
Emergency approval to 2 New vaccines

Only vaccination can protect you from covid-19 infection. So everyone must take covid 19 vaccination.

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FAQs Emergency approval to 2 New vaccines:

How many Omicron variants of COVID-19 cases are there in India?

As of 29 December, 2021 India reports 781 Overall Omicron cases.
The good news is that the recovery rate is 98 percent. Dont be worried about the omicron variant. Get vaccinated fast.

When vaccination of children will start in India?

vaccination of children in India will start from 3 January 2021.

When booster doses will start In India?

From 10 january 2021 the precaution dose ( booster dose of covid-19 vaccine ) will start to the frontline workers and health care workers.
From 10 January 2021, the precaution dose ( booster dose of covid-19 vaccine ) will also be given only to those senior citizens who have serious illnesses.

What is the name of 2 new emergency approved vaccines?



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