Accordion SampleHansen's disease (also known as leprosy) is a chronic infectious disease caused by slow-growing bacteria called Mycobacterium leprae(M.leprae)an acid-fast, rod-shaped bacillus. Leprosy mainly affects the skin, peripheral nerves, eyes, and lining of the nose (nasal mucosa). Description
Accordion Sample On average, the disease incubation period is 5 years but symptoms may occur within 1 year. It can also take as long as 20 years or even more to occur, as M.leprae multiplies very slowly.Description
Since the leprosy bacillus was discovered by Dr.Hansen, that is why today leprosy is called Hansen's disease.
Rifampicin belongs to the rifamycin group of antibiotics. It works by reducing the production of RNA by bacteria. Refempicine kills mycobacterium laprae more rapidly than other antileprosy drugs. Rifampicin was first introduced to the market in Italy in 1968 and approved by FADA in 1971
Dapsone is an antibacterial drug. Dapsone is a drug belonging to the sulfone group. It works by stopping the growth of bacteria by reducing inflammation.
MDT is a combination of different medicines (rifampicin +dapsone+clofazimine).as treatment of leprosy is not possible with a single drug. MDT is available free of cost at every health care center.
The Government of India launched the National Leprosy eradication Program in 1955. After the launch of MDT in 1982, this program was converted to the National Leprosy Radiation Program(NLEP) in 1983, to achieve if eradication of leprosy from the country. and with this goal and with perfect strategy at the end of 2018 India reduces the new leprosy cases and as a result prevalence rate is less than 1 case of Leprosy per 10000 population, and it's a great achievement of India.
A new disabled leprosy patient, or a new child Leprosy case found, Then that whole village is first surveyed by the health worker (Pam/Nama/Namah/) and they are checked and it is searched whether there is an active leprosy patient in that village who has not got treatment yet, and he is spreading disease to the people around him. If such a patient is found during the survey, then he is taken to the Nearest Government Health Center and registered and his treatment is started.
1.Hypopigmented patch with definite loss of sensation. 2.painful nerves. 3.Weakness of hand,feet or eyelids. 4.Nodules in ear lobes. 5.swelling and lumps in face. 6.painful wounds or burns in hand and feet.
Patient is unable to take steps.
A:—1955 - launching of National Leprosy Control Program (NLCP) B:—1983 - launching of National Leprosy Eradication Program. C:—1983 - Introduction to Multidrug Therapy (MDT) D:—1.2005 - Elimination of leprosy at the national level