How dangerous is the OMICRON variant(2021)?|New virus variant poses|South Africa variant.

As u know our world is facing a pandemic with coronavirus for the last 3 years. This pandemic has been affected more our life. But the whole world is fighting with corona till now and will fight against this virus until it is finished. The most dangerous thing is that the coronavirus is mutating very fast and after every mutation, it becomes more dangerous.

As if covid has put brakes on everyone’s life. Covid Has made man away from the man. Kovid positive patients were not getting the bed to be admitted. Oxygen was not available for every patient. People were dying outside the hospital due to a lack of bed and oxygen.

Corona’s new variant Omicron raised concerns:

Do you know How dangerous is the OMICRON variant? Read this article to know about the Omicron variant. The whole world is still battling the Corona pandemic but did not give up. Corona has become a challenge in front of the whole world because the mutation is happening again and again. The most dangerous thing about this virus is that every time when it mutates, it changes its spike protein. Which increases the chances of its infection even more. One day we will definitely get rid of the corona pandemic.

Corona has changed its form again. It mutates again. And it has again raised the challenge in front of the whole world. The new variant of corona named B. strain OMICRON. Corona’s new variant Omicron raised concerns

In this article, I will tell you How dangerous is the OMICRON variant? its common sign and symptoms, and how you can protect yourself from this new variant. So read this article very carefully. So let’s get started.

Important update about OMICRON variant

Till now 375 cases of OMICRON variant have been found from 29 countries. In which 2 cases of OMICRON variant in India are reported in Karnataka,1case in Mumbai, and 1case in Gujrat.

How dangerous is the OMICRON variant?

World health organization (WHO) warned from time to time about the severity of corona to the whole world. Now world health organization again has warned the world about a new risk which is a new variant of coronavirus named the Omicron variant. The global risk from the omicron variant is high. The current mutation of coronavirus is named the Omicron variant, which is first seen in South Africa. It is also called as South Africa variant.

The omicron variant is very high contagious. The main question is that How dangerous is the OMICRON variant. what are the first initial symptoms of the Omicron variant? In this article, I will tell you all the necessary information about this new variant(Omicron variant) of coronavirus, who has caused the whole world to worry again. So let’s get started without wasting time.

Current global situation of covid|corona:

According to the World health organization (WHO) till 29 November approx.260,867,011 confirm covid cases found globally, and approx.5,200,267 death occurs due to corona. As of November 29, approximately 7,772,799,316 vaccine doses have been implemented globally.

Current situation of covid in India|corona in India:

According to the World health organization (WHO) till 29 November approx.34,580,832 confirm covid cases found in India, and approx.468,790 death occurs due to corona. As of November 22, approximately 1,183,573,646 vaccine doses have been implemented in India, which is a great achievement of India.

Omicron variant update in India

On 30 November two people has come to India in Karnataka from South Africa which is corona positive. And they are infected with the Omicron variant. Both are male of which one is 66 years old and the other is 46 years old.

According to latest update upto 5 December Total no.of Omicron variant cases are 21. In which 5 child cases are found.

Omicron is spreading very rapidly.

This virus spreads directly to the lungs causing acute respiratory distress due to viral pneumonia. This explains why it has become intense and more lethal.

 How coronavirus affects us?

According to some research, it enters the human body via the respiratory tract. It means when an infected person coughs and snooze then this virus travels with droplets (it can be travel approx . 5 to 10 feet ) and if a healthy person takes a breath then it enters via respiration in that person. After entering the body it comes in blood circulation via the lungs. Through blood circulation, it goes to our body cells and is attached to the body cells via their spike protein receptors. Our body cells have ace2receptors that can easily be attached to the spike protein of coronavirus.

After attaching to the human body cells coronavirus enters the human cells. After entering it releases RNA (RIBONUCLIC ACID) in the human cells and tells the human cells to make many carbon copies of him and via this process, the virus becomes started multiplying and increased its numbers. In the end when it has been increased in numbers more and more the human cells burst and the all multiplied viruses spread all over the body, and every virus starts to do the same process. This process via coronavirus gets infected to the human. I have tried to understand you in a simple way. I hope you understand.

Although when coronavirus enters our body our immune system immediately becomes activated and starts fighting with the virus and protecting us. In some cases, if our immune system is low then this virus can infect us. Otherwise, if our immune system is strong then not worry about coronavirus. But some precautions you must take which I will describe in this article, so read the whole article.

How dangerous is the OMICRON variant

Why mutation of coronavirus is more dangerous?

When coronavirus gets mutation it changes in their spike Protein receptors. It means it increases the number of spike protein receptors by which it can combine with human body receptors (ace2 receptors) more strongly. After every mutation, it increases his survival rate in the human body, its multiplication rate, etc. This is why when coronavirus mutates it becomes more dangerous.

Want to protect yourself from the new variant OMICRON follow these steps:

  1. Always use a mask when you go outside

2. always use sanitizer or wash your hand properly.

3. Keep distance approx4 to 5 feet.

4. Be careful, avoid crowded places.

5. Get vaccination fast.

Omicron variant:

How dangerous is the omicron variant:

Nomenclature of new Variant|Who named the covid variants?

B. strain OMICRON is named by the World health organization (WHO)

Where was the new variant first found? :

It was first found in South Africa and then it spread to other countries like Belgium, Israel, Botswana, Hong Kong, etc.

Why this variant is different?:

This variant has more than 30 mutations in their spike protein receptor as compared to the previous variant( DElta variant) but in comparison to this, the ACE2 receptor on the host has 10 mutations so that this variant has a greater affinity to combine the ACE2 receptors and get entry to the human body cells. This is why this variant is different and more contagious.

Is vaccination protect us from new variants?

Vaccination is not a treatment but after vaccination, there is the formation of antibodies against coronavirus. If you, unfortunately, get an infection with coronavirus after vaccination then you will not reach the life-threatening condition because vaccination has developed antibodies in your body that will protect you. So vaccination is very important.

What are the first initial symptoms of Omicron variant?

According to the south African doctor who first spotted the Omicron variant, the symptoms are extremely mild. This variant was first found in a male patient around the age of 33 years. the patient complains that he is feeling extreamly tired for the past few days, with body aches and headaches. the patient does not have a cough or loss of taste or smell.

Common signs and symptoms Of Omicron variant infection:

  • Anorexia(lack of appetite)
  • Covid Pneumonia( Omicron varriant affects directly to the Lungs)
  • Weakness.
  • Tiredness.
  • Dry cough.
  • Body ache.

No evidence of cough, fever, in this variant till now.

Which type of people have been more chance to be covid infection:

  • People who have low immunity like: below powerty living people, leprosy patients.
  • diabetic patient.
  • any other serious diseases like heart disease, kidney disease, HIV-positive person, Hospital workers who are too close to the patients.

How corona virus kills:

When a virus enters in lungs our immune system becomes activated and starts killing coronavirus but unfortunately, if we have low immunity then the virus damages our immune system and destroyed our WBC cells (white blood cells)Due to this immunoreaction some cytokines are released and there is the formation of mucous.

This mucous becomes calcified and there is fibrosis in the lungs, due to this there is a reduction in spaces in the lungs and due to this when a covid positive patient takes a breath the oxygen can not reach the lung alveoli and there is a lack of oxygen in the blood. Due to lack of oxygen in the body, our Our body J organs stop working and at last patient becomes dead.

How Increase oxygen percentage in corona patient with some simple exercises: 

Although there may be a lack of oxygen in covid positive patients Even then we can increase oxygen level up to 5 percent with simple steps termed as prone ventilation.

Prone ventilation:

In this procedure lie down in a prone position and put 4 to 5 pillows just below the umbilical region and one pillow under the upper portion of the chest then relax and take a breath according to the patient’s capacity. And you will see it gives amazing results. It will increase your Oxygen level up to 5 percent. See the video below:

Breathing exercise:

Use Medicizer (Lung Exerciser).To use this hold this and take a deep breath with the given pipe. Repeat this times in one sitting, then hold this from upside down and excel forcefully with the pipe. Again repeat this times in one sitting. Do this 2 to 3 times a day. This will increase your lung capacity.

How dangerous is the OMICRON variant

How you protect yourself from Omicron variant?

1.. always use a mask when you go outside and when you meet others or in a rush area.

2..wash your hand regularly.

3..use sanitizer.

4..keep distance approx.3 to 4 feet to others.

5..Don’t shake hands.

6..If you shake hands then in any situation then don’t touch your face with your hand.

How dangerous is the OMICRON variant

If you follow these measures then you can protect yourself from the corona.

Just remember:

Don’t be afraid of coronavirus. It is just a virus-like others viruses. Take precaution but if unfortunately, you get positive then start treatment to avoid fibrosis of the lung. Dont research on yourself.

How you make your immunity strong:

  • Eat healthy food like- green leafy vegetables.
  • Eat a high protein-rich diet because our immune system is built by protein and The stronger the immune system, the more you will be safe from the corona.
  • A high protein-rich diet includes Desi cheese, Soya bean, milk, etc. If you are a non-vegetarian then you can take chicken for good protein. Avoid red meat.
  • Regular exercise and breathing exercises to improve your lung capacity. Walk approx.30.min.daily.when you walk then there is an increase in demand for oxygen and you consume more oxygen, your digestive system will improve and in short, your overall health will improve. and your strength will be better.

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FAQs for How dangerous is the OMICRON variant:

Why is a new virus called Omicron?

The world health organization uses Greek letters to name variants because these names are easier to communicate. that is why the COVID-19 variant was named omicron after the 15 letters of the Greek alphabet.

Who named the covid variants?

World health organization (WHO) named the covid variants.

Is covid-19 increases in India?

According to information, India has reported 8,309 new covid-19 cases on Monday(08/11/21) and 236 death within 24 hours. According to union health ministry data cumulative case count of India has jumped to 3.45 crores.

What is the new strain of covid-19 called?

The new strain which causes covid -19 is named B.1.1.529 strain OMICRON by the world health organization as a variant of concern.

Why are Greek letters used for Covid variants?

Greek letters are easier to communicate to people and they understand very well. This is why the greek letter is used for covid variants.

When will covid stop mutating?

Coronavirus will mutate again and again. When hard immunity develops to each other then covid will remain like the normal flu. Until then precaution and vaccination are the only way to protect himself.

Will covid mutate, and kill everyone?

Yes covid will mutate but it affects only those who are immunocompromised, so don’t be afraid. Just take precautions to protect yourself.

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