Major risk factors for stroke and its prevention

DEfinition of stroke|What is stroke:

There are so many Major risk factors for stroke which can cause a stroke. I have described all risk factors in this article. so read the whole article carefully. Stroke is also known as a brain attack. Due to stopping the blood supply to the stroke might happen.

Our brain is just like the power station of our body. It regulates our bodies. There are numerous centers in our brain through which the brain controls our body. These centers include body movement centers, Respiratory centers, Sleep centers, laughing centers, Emotional centers, Bowel and bladder control centers, Vital body function centers, etc.

To control the above centers properly our brain needs proper oxygen supply and nutrition to brain cells. Due to stopping the blood supply to the brain for any reason, there will be a lack of oxygen and nutrition supply to brain cells.

Our brain cells will not survive without oxygen and blood supply.

When there is a stop of blood supply to a particular brain area then that particular part of brain cells becomes die, brain function is lost. You will be unable to perform all that movement which is controlled by that part of the brain.

Our brain controls the opposite side of the body if our right side brain is affected by stroke then the left side of body movement like – voice, hand movement, leg movement, walking, eating .etc will be affected. Same as if the left side of the brain is affected then the right side of body movement will be affected.

Types of stroke :

Hemorrhagic stroke:

When there is a rupture of any blood vessels in the brain and the blood spread into the nearby brain tissue, then it is termed as hemorrhagic stroke. Blood develops pressure on nearby brain tissues. This pressure damages the involved brain tissue, which affects all the activities which are controlled by affected brain tissue.

Ischemic stroke:

When there is inhibition/blockage in blood supply to the brain, then it is termed as Ischemic stroke. Blockage or inhibition in blood supply may be due to any blood clot in vessels or any fatty deposit in vessels.

Causes of stroke:

 There is not any specific cause of Stroke. Stroke is caused by rupture of blood vessels whether it is caused by inhibition in blood flow or when blood flow stopped to the brain tissue.

Risk factors for stroke :

There are so many risk factors that are more prone to develop stroke.

Some risk factors are as follows:

Cardiac disease.

Hypertension: Due to high blood pressure there may be a chance of rupture of blood vessels to the brain and cause stroke. Hypertension is the main cause of Hemorrhagic stroke.

Diabetes: Diabetic people are more prone to stroke as compared to non-diabetic people. In a diabetic person, there is a high blood sugar level in the blood. high blood sugar level increases the viscosity of blood and contribute to the development of atherosclerosis ( narrowing of arteries ) Due to the narrowing of arteries there is inhibition in blood flow and causes ischemia to the brain and may cause a stroke. This is why a diabetic person must control diabetes.

Smoking: Citrate has many chemicals ( such as corban monoxide, Nicotin ). Nicotine causes vasoconstriction ( narrowing of blood vessels ).cigrate thickens the blood which makes clotting factors like platelets, etc. more sticky. Due to narrowing of arteries and stickiness, these factors have difficulty in flowing in the blood vessels which causes ischemia to the nearby brain tissue causes a stroke.

Alcohol: according to a study a little amount of alcohol prevents the risk of stroke. Heavy drinkers are more prone to stroke.

Birth control pills ( oral contraceptive pills ): Oral contraceptive pills can also cause a stroke.

High red blood cells count: Increase in the number of red blood cells increases blood thickness and makes clots in the blood. Clotting of blood causes ischemia which causes a stroke.

Exercise: nowadays our life has become sedentary. A sedentary lifestyle increases obesity and increases cholesterol levels which is a main cause of stroke. So exercise regularly and reduce obesity.

Oily food or junk food: Regular fast food eating or oily food increases obesity and cholesterol levels can cause a stroke.

Obesity: Obesity is also a main cause of stroke. Obesity increases cholesterol levels which can cause a stroke.

History of TIAs ( Transient ischemic attack ): It means any person who develops signs and symptoms of a stroke but it is recovered within a few periods then it is termed as a transient ischemic attack. A person who had one or more TIAs then he is at risk  10 times more likely to have a stroke than a person who has not had a TIAs.

What is a risk factor of stroke that you can not change:

There are some risk factors for stroke  that cannot be controlled and cannot be changed are as follows :

Gender, Age, Family history, Race, etc.

Environmental risk factors for stroke:

environmental risk factors for stroke include pollution, radiation, noise, land use patterns, or climate change.)

Common sign and symptoms of stroke :

Common signs and symptoms are :

Weakness of one side face weakness or half side of the body of any side.

Difficulty in slowing, speaking, etc.

The patient is unable to walk.

The patient can not understand anything.

Severe headache.

Nausea or vomiting


TIA is also a symptom of stroke ( also called a mini-stroke )

Diagnosis of stroke: The diagnosis of stroke is done by the doctor only after physically checking the patient. But for confirmation CT scan of the brain Is to be done to check how much area of the brain is involved.

Babinski’s sign for confirmation: scratch the sole from heel to great toe along with little toe. If the great tie moves upward and the other toes fan out, then Babinski’s sign is positive, and this may be a sign of stroke.

 Treatment of stroke: There is no cure for Stroke. But some medicines are now available which can reduce the severity of stroke.

A complication of stroke: The major complication of stroke is that the affected part becomes weak or paralyzed and the patient is unable to walk, he cannot speak, cannot eat, etc.

Small strokes can be recovered and the patient can come to his daily life.

Prevention of stroke:

For the prevention of stroke change your lifestyle like- stop taking junk food, stop smoking, stop alcohol, regular exercise, etc.

If you are a patient with high blood pressure then take medicine regularly as per your doctor’s advice.

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FAQS for Major risk factors for stroke and its prevention:

What are the risk factors for ischemic stroke?

Risk factors for ischemic stroke are commonly race,heridity,hypertension,diabetes,smoking,alcohol,etc.

What are the risk factors for hemorrhagic stroke?

A common cause is high blood pressure which can cause rupture of blood vessels and causes a hemorrhagic stroke


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