Emergency approval to 2 New vaccines

Health department of India has given emergency approval to 2 new vaccines and an antiviral drug on 28 January 2022.


1.Covovax(vaccine) 2.Corbevax(vaccine) 3..Molnupiravir(antiviral drug)

Vaccination of Childrens  Start date

From  03 january 2022  the vaccination of children of 15 years to 18 years will start.

Date  of booster dose for  frontline workers

From 10 January 2022 the precaution dose ( booster dose of covid-19 vaccine ) will start to the frontline workers and health care workers.

3.  From 10 January 2022  the precaution dose ( booster dose of covid-19 vaccine ) will also given only to those senior citizens who have a serious illness.

Date of booster dose for senior citizen 

Important update about OMICRON variant ( 29-12-2021)

India reports 781 Overall Omicron cases till dated 29/12/2021.

What precaution should we taken to protect us from covid-19

1. Use mask 2. Hand sanitizer 3.Keep distance

Dont be worry about OMICRON  But taking necessary precaution is very important

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