I am going to tell you about Leprosy disease, Which is a disease whose horrors are revealed when the patient becomes disabled.

Earlier there were a lot of social stigmas among the people. people believed that leprosy was the result of the deeds of previous lives.

Earlier people considered leprosy to be a contagious disease, so whoever got leprosy was isolated from society.

Slowly when people started getting educated they understand that Leprosy is not a contagious disease it is completely curable with MDT.

Leprosy began in East Africa or the Near East, and it spread along human migration routes, including trade routes for goods and slaves.

Gerhard Henrik Armauer Hansen discovered Mycobacterium leprae, a slow-growing microbe, as the cause of the disease in 1873. 

Gerhard Henrik Armauer Hansen first told that leprosy was an infectious disease, not a curse, and is treatable. 

Because Gerhard Henrik Armauer Hansen discovered the leprosy bacillus, the disease is now known as Hansen's disease.

Initially, dapsone was used only for the treatment of leprosy developed in 1940. The patient had to eat it for the rest of his life.

In1950, M.Leprae developed resistance to dapsone, which was the only known anti-leprosy drug at the time.

In1960, the antibiotics Rifampicin, and Clofazimine were discovered and added to the therapy protocol. 

This treatment routine was discovered to be effective in killing M.Leprae and it was nothing short of a miracle.

WHO ESTABLISHES MDT IN 1981. Dapsone, rifampicin, and clofazimine were used in combination. MDT cures leprosy completely.

MDT has been offered free of charge by WHO since 1995.MDT kills pathogens aur cures the patient completely. 

Free MDT was first financed by The Nippon Foundation, and since 2000, it has been provided through a partnership with Novartis.

MDT has been used to treat more than 16 million leprosy patients in the 20 years since it was first introduced.

 Mahatma Gandhi had dedicated his entire life to the service of leprosy people. He had a lot of compassion in his heart for leprosy patients.

In 1953, French humanitarian Raoul Follereau chose the date to coincide with the 30th anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi's death on 30 January 1948.

World Leprosy Day is celebrated as a fortnight day from 30th January to 13th February in India in memory of Mahatma Gandhi's death.

During these days Awareness is spread among people about Leprosy all over India, and the stigma spread in the people is removed

people are told about the general symptoms of leprosy during fortnight days. People are told that leprosy is a disease like other diseases.

People are told that its treatment is completely possible with MDT Which is completely free and available at every government hospital..

If you want to know more about Leprosy and its horrors then click on the link given below Because information is the only defense.