Knee pain is a common problem in our society. If we understand what is the reason for this then we can overcome this problem.

 the knee joint is the most important part of our body.75 % of our body weight is on the knee joint.

Our knee joint is a complex structure of bones, ligaments, tendons, and muscles which gives more stability and mobility to knee joints. 

 If there is any problem with your knee. You will face problems in your daily living activity like stair climbing, running, etc.

So if you want to keep your knee healthy then regular exercise and nutritious food is very important.

Our current lifestyle has become very sedentary. We are not doing exercises, which cause painfully joint in very little age

Our food habits have also become such that we like to eat junk food more, due to which there is a lack of nutrition in our body

Cause of knee joint pain

1. Osteoporosis ( Lack of calcium in bones) 2. Obesity ( overweight ) 3. Bad posture 4. Accident 5. Osteoarthritis etc.

Important factors to keep your knee joint healthy

1. Healthy diet 2. approx. Drinking of 3and half-liter water per day 3. regular exercise

You can strengthen your knee joint with some simple exercises and you can protect your knee from damage

If you have knee pain then dont ignore it. First give rest to the part, use knee guard and go to the doctor 

Simply put, prevention is better than cure. So if we keep taking precautions from the beginning, then we can avoid knee troubles.

If you want to know more about knee joint pain and its management in detail then click on the link given below