Our brain is just like the power station of our body. There are numerous centers in our brain through which the brain controls our body. 

These centers include body movement centers, Respiratory centers, Sleep centers, laughing centers, Emotional centers, etc.

To control these centers properly our brain needs proper oxygen supply and nutrition to brain cells.

Due to any reason when there is less blood supply to the brain , then it may cause lack of oxygen and nutrition to the brain 

 When there is a lack of blood supply to a particular brain area then that part becomes die and brain function is lost. 

Our brain controls the opposite side of the body parts, it means our right side of the brain controls the left side of the body and vice versa.

All movements of the affected side like – voice, hand movement, leg movement, walking, eating .etc will be affected.

What are the types of stroke?

There are two types of stroke: 1. Hemorrhagic stroke 2. Ischemic stroke

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Due to the rupture of any blood vessels in the brain, the blood spread into the nearby brain tissue, then it is termed as hemorrhagic stroke.

When there is inhibition/blockage in blood supply to the brain, then it is termed as Ischemic stroke.

Some risk factors for stroke 

1. Cardiac disease 2. Hypertension 3. Diabetes 4. Smoking 5. Alcohol 6. Obesity 7. Sedentary lifestyle etc.

Common signs and symptoms of stroke 

1. Weakness of half side of the body of any side. 2. The patient is unable to walk. 3. Difficulty in slowing, speaking, etc.

Treatment of stroke

There is no cure for Stroke. But some medicines are now available which can reduce the severity of stroke.

Physiotherapy is a must in the patient of Stroke because physiotherapy can improve the condition of a stroke patient

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