I will tell you about some such skin diseases whose symptoms are similar to leprosy, which is a disease that makes a person handicapped

Information is the only defense. If you take the treatment in time, then you will be saved from reaching serious condition.

So let's know about some such skin diseases whose symptoms are similar to leprosy.Read carefully because information is the only defense

1. Tinea circinata

Typical lesions are shown on the face and leg. This is a fungal infection with normal sweating and sensation.

2. Psoriasis

The typical lesions shown here are usually itchy. Some lesions of PB Leprosy in the reaction may look like psoriasis.

3. Vitiligo

In Vitiligo, the remarkably white lesion seen here is due to de-pigmentation(complete loss of color).

4. Dermal leishmaniasis

 The patient shows a nodular lesion of postkala-Azar dermal leishmaniasis(PKDL). WHICH MAY also be mistaken for Leprosy.

5. lupus vulgaris (skin tuberculosis)

Skin manifestations are variable and may be confusing in the diagnosis of leprosy.

6. Neurofibromatosis(von Recklinghausen’s disease)

Multiple nodular lesions, which are soft and may become pendulant (hanging).

7. Xanthomatosis

Not a common condition but the nodules may confuse with Leprosy. The common site of xanthomatosis is the elbow region.

8. Diabetic neuropathy

Due to diabetes the sensory nerve may damage and may lead to local anesthesia..this may be confusing with leprosy.

9.Seborrhoeic dermatitis

The lesions are widespread, scaly, and itchy. The hairy scalp may be involved with lesions behind the ears.

10. Granuloma annulare

The lesion may closely resemble some forms of PB Leprosy. Papules or nodules appear in a ring-like pattern.

11.Lichenoid dermatitis

Sometimes the lesion is rounded and looks like coins (nummular LD) may resemble some forms of paucibacillary (PB) Leprosy. 

12. Tinea corporis

This prominent scaly lesion is due to infection and should respond to any commonly available antifungal ointment.

13. Kaposi’s sarcoma

The hard bullish vascular Nodules bleed easily. feet and hands are the commonest sites of involvement.

14. Pellagra

Patches may simulate paucibacillary (PB) Leprosy in reaction. sensation, peripheral nerves, and sweating are all normal.

Friends, the only purpose of telling all these diseases is that if such symptoms are seen, then contact the doctor immediately.

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